Few Smart Feet Care Tips

Summer time is the best time to flaunt your perfect body, manicured nails and beautiful hair…but what about your feet?

After clamping your feet in thick socks and shoes all through winters, summer gives you the right time to take out your sandals and maybe even go barefoot. However, to get attractive feet, it takes a lot of cleaning routine and care.

It is very essential to exfoliate the dead skin cells that accumulate periodically on the heel and other areas due to intense exposure to dust and heat. The soles have thicker skin to protect the feet from harsher substances and also support the entire weight of the body.

You can soak in your feet for at least 10 minutes twice a week to remove dead skin accumulation and soften the hardened skin. Using hot water with some bath salts relaxes tired feet and also helps to remove calluses. Use a pumice stone to vigorously rub both the sole and surface of the skin to eliminate dirt, dead skin and calluses.

Filing your nails and add a few drops of essential oil in the warm tub of water to moisturize your feet. Soak in for at least 10 minutes so that the light fragrant oils are able to penetrate inside the skin and soften it. You can also try rubbing olive oil, coconut oil or even almond oil after drying your feet to keep them soft.

For an every day routine, wash your feet well, before bedtime to remove the dirt and grime and apply an intense moisturizing lotion. Everyday applications and bi weekly soaking will give you beautiful feet in a short time. Proper cutting and filing of toe nails prevent ingrown nails, one of the leading causes of feet infections. Use a large emery filer to get a beautiful shape!

Always dry out the feet before wearing sandals or shoes as left over moisture becomes the perfect breeding ground for infections. Be sure to dry out the moisture from between your toes also. Most of the infections and diseases of the feet such as athletes Foot are a direct result of improper foot care.

So using natural oils, herbal based feet care products and keeping a cleaning routine will leave your feet beautiful and attractive all through summer and even winter. Your local drugstore or a good health shop will have such products or you can search online to see the wide variety available.